The longest par 4 on the course. The wide and rolling fairway is flanked by rough on the left and trees on the right. To give yourself the best approach shot to the green, aim to the right of the fairway where the green is at it’s most visible. The green is located at the foot of a moderate slope with a challenging entrance. Protected by the characteristic embankments of the raised green and a pot-bunker guarding the left front of the green, the enticing right side of the green is the most suitable approach. Signatures of this hole: Trees to right Out of bounds and rough on left Raised green concealed behind fairway brae Right to left slope naturally carries ball towards the rough on left


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Men Green Puncheon   4 3 400
   Men Orange Hogshead   4 3 404
   Red   5 3 404

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