Rothes Golf Club SOAP BOX RACE!

Build your own kart, and come race down the golf course road!
A fun family day for all!


Karts will not be allowed on track, if the following rules are not adhered to:

– Each kart must be gravity powered. No motors or engines.
– Each kart must have steering.
– Each kart must have brakes.
– A helmet must be worn, and must not be altered in any way that would change their effectiveness.
 Elbow pads are strongly encouraged.
– Drivers must drive the kart in a seated position, facing forward.
– You must be at least 14 years old to drive a kart.
– There is no limit to the number of people in your team, but only one team member will be allowed
 to push the kart off.
– Drivers will not be allowed on track without a completed entry form

Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd fastest down the track, with £200 the prize for 1st.
There will also be a prize for ‘Best Kart’, so be creative!!!

The £30 entry fee is for one timed run down the track.
If your kart makes it down the track in one piece, other team members can have a timed run at the cost of £5.

The track will start at the club flagpole, just behind the 9th green, and finish at the 9th tee. There will be 2 jumps and one chicane on the track.

Each run will be timed by The 63 Car Club. Many thanks to them for their support. Please click here for more information on The 63 Car Club.

Our thanks also go to Walkers Shortbread, who are our main sponsor for the event.

Members of the Rothes Fire Brigade will be our First Aiders on the day. Many thanks to them.

**Closing date for entries is Friday 12th May**

More details to follow…